The 60 Second International Film Festival (60SIFF) was initiated in Pakistan to inspire young people to take action and "document" their thoughts. 60SIFF works to empower youth and produce awareness of international affairs. It creates a community of participants, aspiring filmmakers, and an audience. We get closer to closing the gap every year. across cultures and forging close worldwide connections among the young people of today


themes (4)
Let's make a difference! Submit your powerful films on Environment and raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet.
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Think outside the box! Submit your innovative films and inspire the world with your groundbreaking ideas.
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Change starts with us! Submit your impactful films on Sustainability and showcase the importance of preserving our planet.


Social For Web
Passion for change - submit your thought-provoking films to our social category and share your voice with the world.
Arts & Culture for Web
Showcase the beauty of diversity! Submit your Arts and Culture films to our category and celebrate the richness of humanity.
Action For Web
Ready, Set, Action! Submit your adrenaline-fueled films to our Action category now.
Fition for Web
Let your imagination run wild! Submit your Fiction films to our category now and take us on a journey to new worlds.
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Unleash the power of emotions! Submit your captivating Drama films to our category.
Short, sweet, and impactful! Submit your best Reels to our category now and make every second count.
Comedy for web
Make us laugh till we cry! Submit your hilarious Comedy films to our category now and spread the joy.
Animation for Web
Bring your imagination to life! Submit your animated films to our category and let your creativity soar.





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